Assembly & materials

Van der Giessen has its own field service featuring engineers who believe in “Service & Quality”.

(Dis)assembly on site

We not only supply custom-made products, but also assemble them at your premises. This means you only have to deal with one service provider and are ensured the best service and quality. We possess a team of motivated engineers, who take pride in their work and allow us to smoothly and safely perform our (dis)assembly activities. All our engineers possess valid VCA, fork-lift truck and boom lift licenses. They also possess a well-equipped service van, which includes all the required modern tools and welding equipment.

(Dis)assembly equipment

All necessary assembly equipment is supplied by Van der Giessen. This varies from cranes to support equipment and everything in between. If we do not possess the equipment needed for your project, we will make sure we get hold of it. Our mechanical equipment features electrical drives and non-marking tires and tracks. Thanks to our mobile workshop, we are able to offer custom-made solutions at all locations. We will also supply you a HSE plan, a lifting plan and/or a TRA.