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We will place the latest news items on this page to keep you informed of the latest developments at Van der Giessen.

Hulsenboschstraat 4: New headquarters Van der Giessen

After performing extensive renovation work on the premises acquired from Gebr. van Wensveen at the Hulsenboschstraat, we have decided to use the building as our new headquarters. It features a light and spacious drawing room and is home to our engineering department. The office space has also been revitalized to make it suitable for the future.

Our modern production hall has been divided into a separate sheet processing hall and a finishing hall. We also possess a separate pickling area featuring several pickling baths. And we are able to treat large components and frames with our spray-pickling installation.

Van der Giessen takes over Werkendam-based Gebr. van Wensveen

Our vision for the future involves focusing on three main activities concerning the treatment of stainless steel and aluminum. This will allow us to spread our risks and ensure and maintain stable and healthy business activities.

The takeover of Gebr. van Wensveen allows the final two main activities to be added. Ever since the takeover, our aim has been to establish a leading company when it comes to supplying high-quality equipment in the maritime and food processing industries.

Jan and Jos van Wensveen jointly founded Gebr. van Wensveen in 1987 and spent the next 30 years developing it into the leading company it is today. This is now a good foundation for us to build further for the future.

Timesavers 42 series deburring machine

Less grinding means a more refined finish. We have purchased an automatic deburring machine in order to further improve quality in our sheet processing department. This dry deburring machine is able to remove burrs and also round off cut edges. Our machine features an extra grinding belt, which means it is also able to remove large burrs and/or create the perfect finish.

The Timesavers machine is part of the Grindingmaster 42 series. The maximum input width is 1350 mm and the machine has a table opening of 0-100 mm. The vacuum table automatically transports unfinished products under the rotating brushes.

Purchase laser cutting machine

In order to improve our production quality and speed, we decided to purchase a Trumpf Trumatic L3030 4KW laser cutter in mid-September 2017. This replaced the old plasma cutter and can deal with stainless steel sheets of up to 15 mm, with maximum dimensions of 1500 mm x 3000 mm.

The laser cutter is equipped with a modern automatic sheet-exchange table. This means cut sheets are changed automatically so the machine can immediately start cutting again. As a result, configuration times are reduced and efficiency is improved.